What's your age and athletic background? I am 29 years old, ringing in my milestone 30th this year and to top it off I don't think I have ever been in better shape! I hail from the Middle East (UAE) where the idea of athletics does not exist for females, chatting and lounging with my girlfriends during PE class :) Right before I immigrated to the US 10 years ago, I started becoming more interested in changing my lifestyle to a healthy one i.e. "exercising" and "eating clean" (low fat, more about that below); not until junior year of college in 2008 did I experience my first athletic endeavor, which was club rowing (CREW). Challenging, intense, and pushing me to my brink, I fell in love with Crew immediately - the competitiveness and adrenaline rush that overwhelmed me during our races was like no other! Shortly after that came my journey into boot camps, long distance running, and finally, 1.25 years ago, Crossfit; I have not looked back since....


What results since starting CrossFit? Dear God, where do I start? Briefly, I have transformed tremendously both physically and psychologically; leaner body despite gaining a few pounds, and increased mental and physical stamina. Furthermore, I have avoided serious injuries and in fact am getting stronger, healing previous knee injuries (thanks to running) with WODs + recent strength routine addition. Finally, I am more precise in most movements of a workout, and do not blame my higher center of gravity for my clumsiness anymore :)


Any changes to your lifestyle or diet? My life particularly social life is now scheduled around my training, second only to my work. My diet has now really become "clean" since embarking on a Paleo Challenge in January and understanding the difference between "low fat" (not good) vs "clean" (balanced diet, including fat and low bad carbs) <-- the results from the Challenge were truly eye-opening and I have been able to convert 3 of my non-Crossfit friends to such diets based on my transformation...if I can benefit myself AND help others, that is a definite win in my book.


How has your mindset towards fitness changed since starting CrossFit? Pretty much one revealing albeit corny statement: "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger"; any Crossfitter understands that statement

What's your favorite CrossFit movement or workout? I heart long workouts with low weights (think Dirty Thirty, Filthy Fifty etc) and have always been a conditioning queen :) With regards to Oly lifting, the jerk is slowly but surely replacing the deadlifts on my list of favorite movements, which continue to evolve. I have yet to nail some movements like kipping pull-ups (ugh I know!), handstand push-ups and the ever-so-elusive muscle-ups but I know it is only a matter of time

Do you have any favorite CF gear? Hmmm not quite gear but I love my rogue magical double-under jump rope! I immediately was able to string double-unders once I bought it!

Future athletic goals? Laundry list of future goals that can be summarized into one ultimate goal:Continue surprising yourself and inspiring others.